Take with you a bit of Mahahual

What will remain of this time? These smiles, these gazes, these sunrises and sunsets, these walks, these swims in turquoise waters and white sand beaches of the caribbean sea... And what about that scubba diving full of surprises? And the tour to the amazing mayan ruins? What do you prefer, romantic dinner or a revelry with some pals? Sssssss, and the silence and calm at night...

What will remain? Well, many, many memories. Most of them, in your heart. Some others, in your cam. And... another ones,... to the suitcase!!! A souvenir for mum, another one for my nephew, not to mention my best friend present, and me!!! Of course, I want my gift to take back home.

Go shopping in Mahahual; handcrafts, jewelry, traditional products, gifts, souvenirs... Fun, fun, fun!

Silver Reef


Convenience Store

La Dolce Vita

La Fábrica

La Tartaleta

Passion for bakery